OpenADMS Node 0.7 29 August 2018

OpenADMS Node 0.7 (“Geneva”) is available for download on GitHub. This version is only a small update with better database support and several bug fixes. The licences of source code and documentation have been changed to more permissive ones.

Change log:

  • added caching for CouchDB database connectivity;
  • added signal handler for restart on HUP;
  • updated documentation;
  • added simple CSV plotting script for gnuplot;
  • added retry delay for MailAgent module;
  • changed licence of source-code from EUPL to BSD-2-Clause;
  • changed licence of documentation from CC BY-SA 3.0 DE to CC BY 3.0 DE.

The next version will feature support for PostgreSQL.

OpenADMS Node 0.6 5 October 2017

OpenADMS Node 0.6 (“Fukuyama”) has been released and can be downloaded from GitHub. This version is a smaller update which brings support for the document-oriented NoSQL database Apache CouchDB.

Change log:

  • renamed OpenADMS to OpenADMS Node;
  • added make file for PyInstaller 3.3;
  • added new modules:
    • “ResponseInspector” for simple validation of observation results,
    • “GpioController” for changing GPIO pin states on the Raspberry Pi,
    • “MastodonAgent” for sending alert messages to the Mastodon social network,
    • “RssAgent” for creating RSS feeds,
    • “IrcAgent” for sending alert messages to the Internet Relay Chat network,
    • “CouchDriver” for storing observations in Apache CouchDB,
    • “ErrorGenerator” for generating warning, error, and critical log messages,
  • reworked passive mode of SerialPort module;
  • added rc.d script for NetBSD;
  • added sensor file for Leica Disto pro4a;
  • updated documentation.

A pre-compiled version is available for Microsoft Windows (x86-64).

OpenADMS 0.5 6 September 2017

New graphical launcher

New graphical launcher

After more than four months of development, OpenADMS 0.5 (“Eindhoven”) has been released and can be downloaded from GitHub. This version is a major update which features now 23 internal modules for sensor control, observation data processing, data storage, and data exchange.

Change log:

  • updated to Python 3.6 and added support for PyPy3.5;
  • added new modules:
    • “LocalControlServer” for simple Web-based remote control,
    • “UnitConverter” for converting response values,
    • “InterruptCounter” for counting GPIO interrupts on the Raspberry Pi,
    • “BluetoothPort” for serial communication over IEEE 802.15.1 (experimental);
  • added sensor files for DXL360S, Lambrecht rain[e], Leica Nivel210, Leica total stations, and STS DTM;
  • added data validation with JSON schema;
  • added an integrated MQTT message broker;
  • added unique IDs for observations (UUID4);
  • added a graphical launcher based on wxPython;
  • added service files for FreeBSD and Linux (systemd) to run OpenADMS as a daemon;
  • added an installation script for FreeBSD;
  • added a requirements installation script for Microsoft Windows;
  • added a setup script for cx_Freeze;
  • added several example configuration files for sensors;
  • changed the observation time from Unix time stamp to UTC;
  • updated the manual (HTML and PDF);
  • added further fixes and improvements.

A pre-compiled version is available for Microsoft Windows (x86-64). The upcoming release 0.6 (“Fukuyama”) will include support for NoSQL databases. It is planned to shorten the time between new releases in future.

OpenADMS 0.4 25 April 2017

OpenADMS 0.4 (“Dar es Saalam”) has been released and can be downloaded from GitHub. This version is just a minor update, with a lot of improvements, including:

  • many fixes in base and modules;
  • added support for external graphical launcher (OpenADMS Control);
  • added support for non-printable characters in sensor commands;
  • added support for more sensors;
  • added workaround for Python exception hook bug;
  • added support for PyInstaller and py2exe.

The upcoming version 0.5 (“Eindhoven”) will include support for JSON Schema and NoSQL databases.

New Server 8 February 2017

We upgraded the IT infrastructure of our research project and replaced the old HP ProLiant DL380 G5 with a new shiny Supermicro pizza box server, equipped with an Intel Xeon hexa core, 128 GiB ECC memory, and two mirrored 1920 TiB SSDs. The new server runs FreeBSD 11 on top of the ZFS file system.

In data migration process we changed the backend and the design of the project website as well. Outdated pages have been removed and new content will be added soon. The server also got an X.509 certificate for Transport Layer Security (TLS) from the “Let’s Encrypt” Certificate Authority. All web services are now reachable by HTTPS only.