OpenADMS Server

OpenADMS Server is a set of scripts and configuration files to run an HTTP service for time series data, obtained from IoT sensor networks based on OpenADMS Node or 3rd party applications. A REST interface API is provided for sensor data storage and retrieval.

Access the API from your web browser, with command-line tools like cURL or HTTPie, or directly from within your programming language (for instance, by using jQuery or Python Requests).

OpenADMS Server is based on nginx and PostgreSQL. Time series data is stored in JSONB format. Please see the documentation for installation notes and API descriptions.

Quick Start

  1. Install PostgreSQL 9.3 or higher.
  2. Configure PostgreSQL.
  3. Install nginx.
  4. Configure nginx.
  5. Test the API.
  6. Run OpenADMS Node to store observation data in the PostgreSQL database.