Practical Applications

A list of current and past deformation measurements using the OpenADMS monitoring system.

Motorway Bridges (2016 – today)

In Lower-Saxony (Germany), two monitoring systems based on OpenADMS have been installed on motorway bridges in order to observe them permanently using robotic total stations, weather stations, and Pt100 temperature sensors.

An embedded LTE data modem allows remote control via a secured OpenVPN connection through the Internet.


St. Mary’s Church in Neubrandenburg (2015 – today)

The temporary and permanent observations are performed in the Concert Church in Neubrandenburg to detect oscillation of the steeple, using various geodetical and geotechnical sensors.

In the first phase of the monitoring project, three Leica Nivel210 inclinometers were installed in the church tower. They are controlled by the OpenADMS monitoring system, running on a low-cost pizza box server.

The server can be remote controlled over a direct WiFi link connection to the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Later on, several MEMS-based acceleration sensors have been tested, while a Leica GNSS Spider system was installed on the top of the steeple.


Green Roof Monitoring (2014 – today)

A small scale lysimeter system has been installed on the roof top of the department for landscape sciences and geomatics of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences. The system is used to measure the evapotranspiration on different types of extensive green roofs and for research on sustainable usage of drain and rain water.

The setup constists of four industrial scales and two pyrradiometers. The monitoring software OpenADMS is used for sensor control and data acquisition. The observations are processed and analyzed automatically.

Next to the first lysimeter system, a second one with a similar configuration has been set up in 2017. It is equipped with an additional uninterruptible power supply unit and connected to four scales with attached rain sensors.


Campus of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences (2013)

The campus of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences is monitored for test purposes since 2013. A total station is installed on the roof top of the department for landscape sciences and geomatics to observe seven targets at surrounding buildings.

The prototype of a sensor control unit, developed at the University, is used to control the total station. The system is based on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer and runs the open-source monitoring system OpenADMS. The control unit can be remote controlled over WiFi.


Construction of a Ship Canal Lift in Niederfinow (2012)

As part of a joint project, a short-term deformation monitoring of the construction site of the new ship canel lift in Niederfinow has been performed in May and August 2012. The monitoring should reveal and measure movements of the local datum piles, on which the geodetic reference system of the construction site layed.

The first prototype of a deformation monitoring system written in Java was used to control two Leica TM30 total stations. The software transferred the observation data to a Linux server. An enterprise application running on the server processed the data and created dynamic charts for web browsers.