Deformation Monitoring Systems for the 21st Century

Deformation monitoring with DABAMOS

Our research at Hochschule Neubrandenburg – University of Applied Sciences aims to discover new ways of ensuring the stability and structural integrity of buildings, terrain, and other observed objects by moving geodetic deformation monitoring into the Internet of Things.

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Two monitoring systems have been developed as part of our research:


A software package for deformation monitoring written in Fortran 2018. The project is the successor of OpenADMS, and includes a distributed monitoring system for automated observations in engineering geodesy.


A prototype monitoring system in Python 3, developed between 2015 and 2020. It consists of client and server programs to create geodetic and geotechnical sensor networks within the Internet of Things.

Both systems are released under open source licences, and may be used without charge.

Deformation Monitoring Package

The Deformation Monitoring Package (DMPACK) is a scientific software package for sensor control and automated time series processing in engineering geodesy and geotechnics. The package consists of a library libdmpack and additional programs based on it which serve as a reference implementation of a sensor network middleware for modern deformation monitoring.

Tech Stack

Open Automatic Deformation Monitoring System

The Open Automatic Deformation Monitoring System (OpenADMS) is a prototype implementation of a monitoring system that includes modules for sensor control, observation data processing, and spatial data storage in the Internet of Things.

OpenADMS Node

OpenADMS Node runs on single sensor node instances in a sensor network to obtain the measured data of total stations, digital levels, inclinometers, weather stations, GNSS receivers, and other sensors. The raw data is then processed, analysed, stored, and transmitted to cloud services or databases.

OpenADMS Server

OpenADMS Server is a set of scripts and configuration files for nginx and PostgreSQL to run an HTTP service for time series data, obtained from IoT sensor networks based on OpenADMS Node or 3rd party applications. A HTTP-RPC API is provided for sensor data storage and retrieval. Access the API from your web browser, with command-line tools like cURL or HTTPie, or directly from within your programming language.


OpenADMS UI is a single-page application for the remote control of OpenADMS Node and OpenADMS Server instances. It is written in ECMAScript 2015 and relies on jQuery, Backbone.js, Papa Parse, Moment.js, and Plotly.js.



The development of the DMPACK software is guaranteed until 01/2027 thanks to on-going research at Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM).


In the last four years, the project was unable to attract additional funding. Due to the limited opportunities, further research is rather unlikely in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, we are interested in hearing about any adoption outside of Germany. Please get in touch with us.


The project web site has been updated, and got a face-lift.

Schematic illustration of a sensor network based on OpenADMS

Supported by:

Hochschule Neubrandenburg – University of Applied Sciences Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung