Deformation Monitoring Package (DMPACK) – A software library in Fortran 2018 for automatic deformation monitoring in the Internet of Things on Linux and FreeBSD.

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This is the source code documentation of the DMPACK library. Import module dmpack to access any of the procedures in the library:

! app.f90
program main
    use :: dmpack
    implicit none (type, external)

    ! Initialise DMPACK.
    call dm_init()

    ! Call any DMPACK procedures here.
    ! ...
end program main

Link the program against libdmpack.a:

$ gfortran -I/usr/local/include/dmpack -o app app.f90 /usr/local/lib/libdmpack.a

The path of the include search directory containing the DMPACK module files has to be passed through argument -I.

Developer Info

Philipp Engel