DXL360S dual axis inclinometer

The DXL360S is a no-name dual axis inclinometer made in China. The USB port of the sensor can either be used to charge the internal Li-Ion battery or to attach an external interface module (RS-232 or IEEE 802.15.1) onto it. A similar sensor with lesser accuracy is available under the name DXL360. The case and/or colour may differ for revisions of the sensor.

Usage with OpenADMS

After the Bluetooth module is attached to the host, a serial-over-Bluetooth link will be created by Microsoft Windows. The virtual COM port can be used like a standard serial communications port. The OpenADMS serial port module has to operate in passive mode, than means, the sensor starts sending measured values right after a connection has been established. No requests have to be send by the host.

Vendor:no name
Type:Inclinometer, Protractor
OpenADMS Sensor File:dxl360s.json
Accuracy:± (0.08 ° + 1 %)
Resolution:0.01 °
Response Time:< 0.4 s
Operating Temperature:0 … 50 °C
Storage Temperature:–10 … 60 °C
Interfaces:RS-232, Bluetooth
Baud Rates:9600
Serial Port Parameters:8N1
Serial Port Mode:passive
Power Supply:5 V, 500 mA
Power Consumption:200 μA (stand-by), 20 mA (operation)
Sockets:1× USB Mini-B