Leica Disto pro4a

Leica Disto pro4a
Leica Disto pro4a

The Distro pro4a is a laser distance meter made by Leica Geosystems. The built-in RS-232 interface can be used for remote sensor data acquisition.

The serial port mode has to be set to passive in order to measure distances continuously (tracking).

Leica Distro pro4a
Vendor:Leica Geosystems AG, Switzerland
Type:Laser Distance Meter
OpenADMS Sensor File:pro4a.json
Accuracy:±1.5 mm (typical), ±2.0 mm (max.)
Resolution:1 mm
Range:0.3 m to over 100 m
Measurement Time:0.5 … 4 s (single distance), 0.16 … 1 s (tracking)
Operating Temperature:–10 … 50 °C
Storage Temperature:–40 … 70 °C
Baud Rates:600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Serial Port Parameters:8N1
Serial Port Mode:active (single distance), passive (tracking)
Power Supply:6 VDC (4× 1.5 V, AAA)
Power Consumption:200 mA
Connectors:LEMO FGA.0B