The Deformation Monitoring Package (DMPACK) is a free and open source software package for sensor control and automated time series processing in geodesy and geotechnics. The package consists of a library libdmpack and additional programs based on it which serve as a reference implementation of solutions to various problems in deformation monitoring, such as:

  • sensor control
  • sensor data parsing and processing
  • database access and backup
  • client–server communication
  • remote procedure calls
  • data synchronisation and export
  • time series analysis
  • spatial transformations
  • plotting and reporting
  • web interface
  • distributed logging

DMPACK is a complete monitoring system developed for automated control measurements of infrastructure, terrain, geodetic nets, and other objects. The software runs on sensor nodes, usually embedded systems or single-board computers, and obtains observation data from arbitrary sensors, like total stations, digital levels, inclinometers, weather stations, or GNSS receivers. The raw sensor data is then processed, stored, and optionally transmitted to a server. The software package may be used to monitor objects like:

  • bridges, tunnels, dams
  • landslides, cliffs, glaciers
  • construction sites, mining areas
  • churches, monasteries, and other heritage buildings

DMPACK is built around the relational SQLite database for time series and log storage on client and server. The server component is optional. It is possible to run DMPACK on clients only, without data distribution. The client-side message passing is based on POSIX message queues and POSIX semaphores.

Currently, only Linux and FreeBSD are supported as operating systems.

The release of DMPACK is planned for 2023.